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 Bad experience getting my last pay in my previous company..

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PostSubject: Bad experience getting my last pay in my previous company..   Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:41 pm

Last April 03, 2009, Friday; I asked my husband to accompany me to my recent company to get my back and last salary pay. But the night before, I already advice the company secretary that I will be there tomorrow ( April 03,2009) which is supposed to be I can already get that April 02, 2009, Thursday because of the salary day. But because of my new schedule work I have 1:00 am - 10:00am I decided to go there friday instead, My husband and I decided to see each other at Shaw Blvd Mrt station because I worked Ortigas Avenur going to Taft Station and from there we ride a jeed going to "Bicutan Kaliwa" sign board (take note ang layo sobra Paranaque City) As we arrived at the building around 11:30am ( looks liks a factory) hmm..something new in there, there is already a guard asking where are you going.. (hmm, sosyal na!) hehe. And I said the company name. and the guard as us to go straight at 3rd floor. Unfortunately the secretary told us My check is already there but no sign yet, I said to the secretary, I already told you last night I will be here today before lunch, bakit wala pang sign? the secretary told me,

Sec: "kase po di sila ang sign kapag wala pang sign ang quit claim."
me: huh? pipirmahan ko nman yan before mo sa akin bigay ang check eh diba?
Sec: Oo nga po kaso yun po ang policy nila. Sumusunod lang po ako.
me: Oo alam ko, di ka nman siguro tanga para gustuhin mong mamura kapag binigay mo sa aki ang check ko na walang pirma ang quit claim diba?
Sec: Cge tawagan ko po si Sir ______.
Sec: naku ayaw mo sagutin, pero nag text po 1:00pm pa daw po sia darating.
Me: Anu? maawa nman kayu di pa ako natutulog, I go straight here just to get my check ngayun pag hihintay mo ako ng 1 and a half hour. anung sense ung sinabi ko sayo kagabi na kukunin ko diba?
Sec: Gustu nio po tawagan nio po si sir ________?
ME: Cge anu number?
(So I tried to call he President and good to hear that he is proffesional enough to talked to me in a nice way and he just told me to call his wife because the wife (wife - vice president) is also have the authorized to sign the check.... And I just said thanks Sir!"
Sec: tawagan ko po si ma'am nasa bahay po!
Me: Cge please paki nman kase gustu ko na din magpahinga!
(the secretary called the Vice -President and she said about my situation, like I don't have any sleep yet that I just want to get the check right away if its ok.)
On the phone..
Vice president: Anu gustu nio gawin ko? maghintay sia!! commonsense wala akong driver anu gustu nio maglakad ako?
Sec: Kase ma'am galing pa daw po sia work, wala pa daw po sia tulog.
Vice-president: Maghintay sila mg 1pm. Wala akong magagwa jan.
Sec: Cge po ma'am

(secretary told me about what they have talked about, and she said ganyan yan sila, kapag nag tanung ka, ganyan sumagot. kaya ako gustu ko na nga mag paalam nag iipon lang ako ng pera para makapag hanap ng ibang work, kase ang layo dito tatlong sakay din ako

Suddenly the phone ring...

Vice-president: May dala ba silang sasakayan?
Sec: wla daw po mam, nag communte lang sila. Gustu nila hintayin nila ako di pa ako naliligo mag 1pm. or kaya gustu nila puntahan nila ako dito sa bahay turo mo pano pag punta dito.

Me: what? pupunta pa ako dun? ang init init.. anu ba nman yun? pahirapan pa talaga.. kaya ko nga sinabi sayo ng maaga aeh para naka ready na.. atleast may advice ako sayo. Sus miyo.. Bwisit.
Sec: ito po ang sketch, sakay po kayo ng jeep baba po kayu ng UPS2 tpos may waiting shed dun maglalakad po kayu papunta house nila from gate ng subd kase walang pwede masakayan dun..
My hubby: Puntahan na natin kesa mag hintay tyu dito, tyu lang kawawa.

(when we are about to ride the jeep, I always ask the driver if they will passed by the so called UPS2. and unfortunately they don't know about it.. I'm already pissed off then because we are under the heat of the sun waiting for the jeep going to that subd. I called the secretary with angry voice saying..

Me: Anu ba ______? di nman alam ng jeepney driver ung UPS2 maawa nman kayu sa amin ang init init di pa ako natutulog.. lintek nman na buhay to.. pera ko nman un pahirapan pa kunin. di nman alam ng jeep ung UPS2 na un, anu ba ibig sabihin nun? anu ba to gaguhan?
Sec: Di po lahat po ng jeep dumadaan un.. United Paranaque Subdivision 2 .
Me: Bwisit...( only to find out the jeepney drivers doesn't about UPS2 but they know the United paranaque 2..

From gate of the subdivision..

Guard: San po sila? anu po name?
Me: ke Mrs__________________. AJ Angeles, Pinapunta nia ako dito.
Guard: While making a radio to other guard inside the subdivison asking the person if they really asking me to go there..and
Guard: tungkol daw po saan?
Me: sia nag papunta sa akin dito eh.
Guard: Tungkol daw po ba sa cheke yan?
Me: Oo. kaya nga nia ka pinapunta diba. AJ Angeles nga eh.
Guard: Cge po mam diretso po kayu pangtalong kanto kaliwa po sa may kanto lang po un..
Me: ok thanks. (only to find out it's almost 1 kilometer of walking form the gate of subd to their house.. FUCK!! so hot, I'm so tired, I'm so sleepy and I'm really pissed off. and I already want to rest).

Me: from the house telling to the maid , paparima ko lang ung check. while giving her the check and other attachment.
Maid: pasok po kayu..
Me: wag na..
Maid: sandali lang po naliligo lang po si ma'am
Me: cge.. (waiting for almost 30-45 minutes outside their house under the heat of the sun
My hubby: grabeh ang tagal ang init pa nman dito.
Me: Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!

--After 30-45 minutes the maid went out to let me sign the pay slip and other paper and after that she brought out the my check my my COE request. and Again, another walking for another 1 kilometer under the heat of the SUN.

Para sa kin, sana man lang, napirmahan na ung check diba.. i think the secretary is not stupid to give me the check without my sign in QUIT CLAIM. and the check was name after me, siguro nman di naman un nanakawin ng secretary or other people.. My GOD! Even how much I said THANK YOU for the company because i learned something in a new career but i can help not to say " HAY SALAMAT WALA NA AKO DITO!"
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Bad experience getting my last pay in my previous company..
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